Expand your user base with our open-source technology. No fees. No commitment.


Kyber Network’s technology is open source and may be freely integrated into your dapp/platform without any fees. This will grant your users access to our instantaneous token conversion and transfer service. The increased interchangeability of tokens not only improves your platform’s functionality, but also enhances your users’ experiences.

Our solution to crypto’s age-old issue of liquidity will become more apparent as our ecosystem grows with greater adoption. We believe this will help blockchain technology move from concept to having real-world applications. The diversity of digital assets begs for fluidity and ease in token conversion, and we are confident that Kyber Network is the key to enabling the technology’s potential and utility.

Integrate Kyber’s technology and join us in bringing blockchain’s future to now.

Benefits of Dapp Integration

Elegantly Simple

Elegantly Simple

Integration is easy and straightforward. Once complete, Dapps will be able to smoothly communicate with one another through smart contracts.
Zero Cost

Zero Cost

For all its benefits, integration of our technology only comes at the low price of free.
Enchanced Liquidity

Enchanced Liquidity

Relish in the joy and convenience of high liquidity with Kyber. Our reserves guarantees instant transactions to minimize wait time.

Who is using Kyber’s Dapp Integration

Olympus Labs
Ripio Credit Network


What is the Wallet Affiliate Program

It’s an opportunity to be an integrated part of Kyber Network (KN), a thriving ecosystem of token to token conversions, transfers and payments.

For Wallets: Allow users to freely transact and convert without leaving your app. Fee sharing applicable on each trade that originates from your app.

How do I Integrate?

Integration with KN is free, however to receive commission on trades you will have to be a verified affiliate. Please submit your details to [email protected] and a Kyber Network representative will contact you shortly.

Case Study for Fee Sharing

User A has successfully concluded a transaction of value 1ETH.
0.25% of the transaction value (1ETH) is to be paid by reserves in KNC.
As of now, from the fee paid, 80% of it will be sent for burning, and the remaining 20% will be used for tax payment.
In the case where a registered wallet affiliate is involved, 30% of the 0.25% fee will be given to the affiliate.

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Helpful Resources

Helpful Resources


Who is using Kyber’s wallet integration?

Trust Wallet


Expand your user base.

Kyber Network’s instant token-to-token conversion allows businesses to empower their users with greater flexibility and variety. Our platform enables customers and businesses to pay and receive payments in their token of choice – all with just a single transaction. With Kyber, you can now expand your scope of business to token users of all kinds.

For Users

Picture the scenario where Dan has to pay Leo for his goods. Leo only accepts LEO tokens - but what happens when Dan only has DAN tokens? Lucky for Dan, he won’t have to walk away empty handed. With Kyber, Dan will be able to pay Leo with DAN or any of our supported tokens. Kyber Network will automatically select the best rate and perform the necessary conversion in the background. On Leo’s end, he will receive Dan’s payments in LEO immediately.

Helpful Resources

For Businesses

As we progress towards a more decentralized economy, token variety would only grow in number. With this in mind, what happens when tens of thousands of token users swarm your store carrying different types of cryptocurrencies? Do you apologetically turn them away, citing that despite your deepest regrets, your system unfortunately can only accept token A? Or do you wait patiently by the side for hours on end, as your customers undergo the entire hassle of deposits, withdrawal, exchange and more to convert tokens B, C, D, E, F, G, H….. to A on the spot? Kyber has the solution.

With our instantaneous token exchange system, customers can now freely enjoy your platform utility without the constraints of needing to hold any one particular type of digital asset. With Kyber, you can expand your user base and enjoy the pleasure of reaching out to token users of all kinds – not just the ones with token A.

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Who is using Kyber’s payment gateway?